Liam Blends | Lullaby Blend Bath Oil

Liam Blends | Lullaby Blend Bath Oil

Containing our signature Lullaby Blend of essential oils and two light carrier oils, Grapeseed Oil & Olive Oil, this bath oil is a must for any new mum. So gentle on newborn skin and containing subtle and relaxing essential oils making it perfect to add into your bedtime routine. Suitable for all ages & all skin types. Comes in a 50ml bottle.


  • Can be used as a Massage oil or Body oil also.


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Dried Chamomile flowers & Doterra essential oils Lavender, Juniper Berry & Cedarwood. 

  • Caution:

    Please keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.